Six Word Memoirs

When we talk about Jewish food, there is no denying that food is absolutely central to Jewish history, culture, religious observance and Jewish continuity. We had a chance to explore some thoughts and ideas about Jewish food in Torah and in our lives and memories during our discussion of parashat Sh’lach L’cha on Saturday, June 14, 2014. A very rich portion, it includes the first commandments in the Torah regarding challah. Fabrangeners were invited to write six-word memoirs about the role, meaning and memories of Jewish food in their own lives. Many wonderful responses are below. For more information about six-word memoirs on a wide range of topics, please go to ~~ Susan Barocas

Haroseth, sauerbraten, spätzle, challah, bagels, matzo ~ Lloyd

Cooking together: melding our family flavors ~ Bracha

Janice’s chicken soup means Passover seder ~ Victoria

Grandma covers counters with kreplach, blintzes

Bubbe’s gnarled hands surrounding hot teaglass ~ Bob

Chop ’til you drop – gefilte fish ~ Laurie

Gray pitcha with eggs and garlic ~ Laurie

Haroset and maror: eagerly-anticipated dissonance ~ Melissa

Sephardic is more than Passover rice ~ Susan

Breaking challah crust reveals soft heart ~ Susan

Around Bubbe’s table slurping soup satisfyingly ~ Susan

My brisket combines two Grandma’s recipes ~ Dick

Grandma Frankel made my own mini-Challah ~ Dick

Kneidlach, potato pancakes, challah, brisket  – friendsfamily ~ Elena