Religious Education Opportunities

Children sitting in Circle

for Fabrangen Children in the DC Area

“It was Yom HaAtzma’ut (Israeli Independence Day). An adult Fabrangener asked my young daughter if she knew what the holiday was. They talked about holiday a bit, and then the Fabrangener pulled a Jaffa orange out of her bag. It was the perfect impromptu gift and a great connection between friends — across generations!” — Fran T.



Children’s Educational Scholarship Fund

Jewish education for children who are Fabrangen members is supported in multiple ways. One benefit that is provided is access to the Children’s Education Scholarship Fund, which is used to assist families to provide appropriate Jewish educational experiences. For example, the Children’s Education Scholarship Fund has been used for children and teens to attend Jewish summer camp (either residential or day camp), participate in the Havurah Institute or the Aleph Kallah, and for teen group trips to Israel.

Other Religious Education Opportunities Available to Fabrangen Families

Our Fabrangen community provide a good social base for Jewish children but we do not have an official Hebrew School.

Hebrew school and additional educational opportunities are available at various local congregations and communities, including: