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Fabrangen’s Congregational Section in the Garden of Remembrance Memorial Park

Fabrangen has now formed a congregational section in Garden of Remembrance Memorial Park (GOR) [Gan Zikaron in Hebrew]. The address is 14321 Comus Road, Clarksburg, Maryland 20871, the phone number is 301-428-3000.  The designated section for Fabrangen is section 74, located close to the entrance of the Memorial Park and some distance from the road; the area is surrounded by mature trees.  GOR, established in 2000, is the Washington DC metropolitan area’s only not-for-profit cemetery, and Fabrangen is one of 24 congregations to affiliate across all strands of Judaism.

The Fabrangen cemetery section follows the rules of the Ner Tamid Section, which permits interfaith burials, provided the grave has no non-Jewish religious symbols, and a Jewish professional or lay leader conducts a burial service.

In 2017, each plot for a Fabrangen member costs $2,000. Fabrangen members may also purchase plots for their family members who are not Fabrangen members (e.g., parents) at $2,500 per plot.
Due to success in selling the initial plots, we purchased the remaining adjacent plots.  As long as they last we have limited additional inventory.   Kindly contact Bracha Laster at   or Rachel Braun at  for more information.