36th Anniversary Celebration

Fabrangen celebrated its 36th anniversary on November 9 & 10, 2007.

Cover of 36th Anniversary Booklet

Cover of 36th Anniversary Book

The double-chai celebration included Friday night services & dinners in members’ home, a commemorative Shabbat service on Saturday morning followed by a potluck lunch, a panel discussion about Fabrangen’s early roots in social justice activism, and a gala extravaganza on Saturday night. The theme of the gala was Fabrangen: Past, Present, and Future. The past included stories by Shoshana Waskow, Arthur Waskow, and Mike Tabor. The present included a special musical presentation coordinated by Emily DeVoto. And Fabrangen’s future was foretold in a clever, hilarious skit written and presented by Fabrangen’s teens. Other highlights included: Kay Elfant’s rendition of the “Top 10 Reasons to Celebrate Fabrangen’s 36th Anniversary;” Ellen Garshick’s and Rick LaRue’s “best of” selections of Adon Olam melodies from Purim shpiels over the years; and a Fabrangen piyyut by Fran Goldman.

Many thanks for all who worked hard on the celebration and to everyone who participated, especially those who came from out-of-town to join us!

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