Guidelines for the Fabrangen Listserv

Teal LeavesGuidelines for Participation in the Fabrangen Listserv

  1. The listserv is an important tool of communication and information both for Fabrangen members, and for ex-members who want to retain ties with the Fabrangen Community. Therefore, in addition to all members, all former members who leave Fabrangen on friendly terms are welcomed on the listserv if they so desire. The default for such former members at the time of their departure will be continuation on the listserv, not removal from the listserv. Financial contributions to Fabrangen from ex-members remaining on the listserv are encouraged and appreciated.
  2. All topics related to the Jewish life of the community (broadly defined) as well as all personal information that members/ex-members wish to share with the community are legitimate subjects for discussion on the listserv.
  3. Since many members bristle at receiving solicitations on the listserv for organizations other than Fabrangen and Jewish Study Center, we advise posters to exercise caution in this regard. In general, for events outside of Fabrangen life, we urge self-restraint by posters, understanding that many members regard frequent announcements of outside activities as a tircha d’tzibur — a burden on the community. Posters who wish to inform the community of activities, events, or publications not directly related to the Jewish life of the community (especially of a political type) are welcome to do so in the form of a brief FYI and a web-link to more detailed information. The community is not prepared to provide the policing and monitoring of this policy, and asks that participants in the listserv exercise self-restraint and thoughtful care in selecting material for posting.
  4. Civility and mutual respect are the cornerstones of  listserv communication. Ad hominem attacks of any kind are completely inappropriate, as are extended bilateral argumentation and polemical statements of any kind. Ordinary email etiquette (civility, not forwarding private messages to a public domain, judicious choice of words) is expected. Posters must be extraordinarily sensitive to the hurtful potential of the written word. The community IS prepared to monitor this policy, as it is cornerstone to Jewish ideas about appropriate speech. The Steering Committee will seek the assistance of a committee of three members who are empowered to remove  listserv participants who are abusive after appropriate contact and conversation has occurred.
  5. These principles are to be posted on Fabrangen’s web site, and should be disseminated via the listserv (with whatever revisions are agreed by the community) every six months.
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