TLS/Fabrangen Selichot: services and workshops

September 16, 2017 @ 9:15 pm
15th Street Presbyterian Church
1701 15th St NW
Washington, DC 20009
Ariel Rubin
(202) 595-9138

Saturday, September 16th- Selichot/Late-night learning and prayers – Joint service of Fabrangen and Tikkun Leil Shabbat
Location:  15th St. Presbyterian Church

9:15 pm HAVDALAH (Brief ceremony to end Shabbat) – then, SNACKS & SCHMOOZING
Join with the community in a brief ceremony to end Shabbat and move us into the more contemplative Selichot space.  Then catch up with friends and make new ones.  Maybe take a moment to ask for someone’s forgiveness for a way that you “missed the mark” in your relationship in the past year.  

9:45pm    WORKSHOPS:

Making Our Prayers Beautiful – Hillel Smith – For millennia, Jews across the world have used art as a way to elevate Jewish ritual and show their devotion to God.  Micrography developed as a way to beautify pages of Bible manuscripts, turning a mass of Hebrew into exquisite designs.  Embracing our creative past, we’ll use this technique to make our prayers beautiful, and focus on the meditative and contemplative aspects of art making, transcription, and prayer.  Please bring your favorite siddur, machzor, or book on philosophy.

Sin and the Middle Path (in memory of Esther Ticktin) – Bob Rovinsky – Esther Ticktin,  who escaped the Holocaust and went on to become a clinical psychologist, wrote:   “… the reward of righteousness is rootedness and the punishment of evil is uprooting.  What I mean by this is that the righteous person is one with both God and community; he or she is in harmony with both God and fellow-humans; he or she is firmly rooted in reality and life ….” —  In this workshop we will build on Esther’s words and examine our sins over the past year, in the light of how they are deviations from the “middle” or moderate path espoused by some ethical teachings of Judaism.  We will do some group exercises using the confessional and our private thoughts and individual hand movements to realign ourselves and prepare for the Days ahead, with the goal of strengthening our ability to stay “rooted”in the coming year.

10:45pm SERVICES