Social Action

“If I am only for myself, who am I?”

– Hillel, Pirkei Avot, 1:14

Fabrangen makes Community Service and Social Action a central part of our community life.

1.   Project Hope is a Fabrangen tzedakah project that since 1988 has offered direct service to families in Washington, D.C., empowering families and individuals to maintain permanent residences, and expand job and educational opportunities. A few highlights from one of the original families who we continue to support:

  • One of the young women, who has been (for many years) and continues to be a low-income earner, has been homeless this year. In September, she will settle into her own apartment.
  • Transportation to and from work and to one child’s school and to the other child’s daycare continues to be a challenge. Both money and time are in short supply.
  • Another young woman is working towards buying her own home. She works two jobs towards achieving her goal.
  • The oldest of the next generation proudly graduated Wilson High School in June 2018.

2.  Fabrangen is currently providing support to a Syrian family. Our Syrian family is settling in, as we support them materially and emotionally with education and occupational advancement. They arrived in the U.S. in August 2016.

  • The seven-year-old will enter 2nd grade and is clearly integrated socially. Academically, she has made great strides.
  • The four-year-old will happily be attending Pre-kindergarten. He is fluent in Arabic and tries out many English words and phrases.
  • Both parents are currently attending classes that may allow them entry level jobs at the Johns Hopkins Hospital.

3.  On June 6, 2017 Fabrangeners helped lead a candlelight vigil in front of the Capitol to commemorate the anniversary of June 6, 1939, when the MS St. Louis was denied entry into the US and sent back to Europe, with over 900 Jewish refugees on board.   View the Script for Vigil commemorating the SS St. Louis – HIAS  for the background info and the text of the vigil.  And here is the  Talk by Lydia Kleiner at HIAS rally.   Lydia Kleiner was born in a displaced persons camp in Austria.  She came (aged 4) with her family to the U.S. with the help of HIAS.  

4.  For several years, in conjunction with the DC JCC Community Service Department and Jews United for Justice, Fabrangen has volunteered through the December 25 Day of Service. We serve meals and provide entertainment at the Father McKenna Center for homeless men. This allows the regular staff to spend Christmas Day with their families.

Mazel tov to Fabrangen members Fran Goldman and Debbie Goldman, were honored at the Avodah Partners in Justice awards dinner along with former Avodahnik Sarah Beller for their service to Avodah. 

If you would like to be part of Fabrangen’s community service program,  please contact Debbie Goldman or Lloyd Wolf at