16th Street Vigil Against Racism

Fabrangen Member and professional photographer Lloyd Wolf has graciously shared with us photos he has been taking over the past few months at the vigil, part of his Quarantine Diary series. 

Black Lives Matter to God and to Us

Since June of 2020, Fabrangen members have participated weekly in the 16th Street Vigil Against Racism. Originally organized by All Souls Church Unitarian and Christ Lutheran Church for the month of June, several of our neighborhood congregations have continued this public protest to support of Black Lives Matter.

Join Fabrangen and Tifereth Israel every Friday in front of the Washington Ethical Society, 7750 16th St. NW, Washington DC 20012. We are now meeting earlier because of the season. Our members take a knee and/or blow the shofar for the last 15 minutes of the vigil.

4:00 – 5:00 p.m. 7750 16th Street, N.W.   Washington, D.C. 20012  

I have found participating in this vigil to be meaningful on several different levels.  It feels good to be making a statement that we are committed to fighting against racism and police abuse during this time.  In addition, it is nice to see fellow Fabrangeners, even from six feet away.  Finally, I love having the opportunity to be physically close to WES.  Being outside the building where we normally hold services makes me feel more connected to Fabrangen.
I hope to see many of you there.

Judy G.

Additional vigil photographs by Fabrangen members Lucy Steinitz, Kay Elfant and Alan Cohen among others.


Below  is the original information about the protest. Our members take a knee and/or blow the shofar for the last 15 minutes of the vigil.

16th St Vigil Against Racism

Black Lives Matter to God and to Us
June 5, 2020 5:00 p.m.
Hosted by All Souls Church Unitarian and Christ Lutheran Church
Fabrangen is one of the many co-sponsors of this event.

RSVP for 16th Street Vigil Against Racism
Here is the information from the registration form:

We invite people from all houses of worship on 16th Street (and those nearby)—and our neighbors– to join us for a physically distant vigil. We ask you to cover the blocks of 16th Street (both sides) near your place of worship or home, maintaining a distance of 6 feet and wearing masks. If the blocks near you are covered, please move to another location on 16th Street. Our hope is to cover as much of 16th Street as possible, bearing witness to the love that grounds us as people of faith and good will. Please bring a sign.

Bell ringing at 5:45 p.m. If your place of worship has bells, we invite you to toll them, beginning at 5:45 p.m. and lasting 8 minutes, 46 seconds, in remembrance of the brutal killing of George Floyd. Those standing on 16th Street may kneel during the tolling of the bells. If prayer is your practice, you are invited to be in silent prayer for the transformation of this country, particularly for the dismantling of racist structures and practices.

And please spread the word as widely as you can.  

Participating Organizations Include:

All Souls Church Unitarian
Christ Lutheran Church
Congregation Action Network
Disciples Refugee & Immigration Ministries
Eighth Day Faith Community
Emory Fellowship
Fabrangen Havurah
The Festival Center
First Trinity Lutheran Church
Foundry United Methodist Church
Grace Lutheran Church
National City Christian Church
Nineteenth Street Baptist 
Peoples Congregational UCC
Sixth Presbyterian Church
St. Matthews DC
St. Stephen & the Incarnation Episcopal Church
Washington Ethical Society
Zion Baptist Church
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