Online High Holiday Services in 2020/5781

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Thank you for joining us for online services this year.

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Fabrangen is a community devoted to Torah, community service, and social justice activism. We warmly welcome everyone regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, nationality, religious background or affiliation, disability, or age.  Our services during the year and for the High Holidays are guided by several principles:

  • egalitarian and participatory services that seek to include everyone in the spiritual experience
  • creative mix of traditional and innovative worship
  • member-led services that engage the congregation

The High Holidays provide an essential spiritual practice of critical introspection and self-awareness; delineating a holy time where we thoughtfully re-examine our actions and inactions – times when we have failed to follow our values. Current events have focused us on systemic racism and highlighted societal norms that have discriminatory impacts. We recognize that we must engage in the work of confronting racism to create a reality that honors the fact that Black Lives Matter. Thus, as part of our High Holiday practice, we challenge ourselves to actively re-examine our actions and inactions in this regard and consider how we can mobilize and transform into a more actively Anti-Racist and inclusive community. For further information or conversation, please contact

We wish you a healthy and meaningful new year.

Small Fuschia Leaves LogoPlease let us know what you thought of our services this year.

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