Join Us for High Holiday Services in 2020/5781!

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High Holiday Schedule

Fabrangen is in the process of planning High Holiday services in the era of Covid-19. 

Stay tuned for more information.

Small Fuschia Leaves LogoWant to support our High Holiday services?

Please consider donating to Fabrangen.
We suggest the following minimum contribution guidelines:

  • Adults: $125 per adult
  • Children: $36 per child

“A deep bow of gratitude to all Fabrangen members, for creating such wonderful High Holiday services and opening them to the public.  I have been attending these services for 28 years, making the 1.5 hour trip each way without complaint.  Every year, I am so deeply moved by the sincerity, scholarship and deep spirit of the service leaders.  They sing right from the heart, and it is like their voices reach in and touch my heart.  I love the poems, songs and commentary that illuminate each service.  And I love how the congregation participates, through our joint singing and responsive readings.  Everyone is welcoming and open, making me feel part of the family, if only for a day.  The huge amount of time and hard work that is required to develop and offer these services is obvious.  Please know that it is worth it, for you are truly making a difference in the world.    Deep, heart-felt thanks to you, Fabrangen!” by Heidi M.