Passover Seder Reston VASchedule of Services for Passover 2020 Via Zoom

10:00 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.

1st Day – Thursday, April 9

8th Day – Thursday, April 16,  including Yizkor 

We welcome guests who want to daven with us!

Please email the Fabrangen Coordinator to get the login credentials for these Zoom Meetings. 

Click to download the form for Delegation of Power for Sale of Chametz

Useful Passover Resources – in the time of Coronavirus

Go ahead, have a shvach seder.

by Rabbi Sue Fendrick, The Times of Israel

You’re living through an international pandemic – you just don’t need to obsess about creating that inspirational, unforgettable Passover experience

Haberman Institute for Jewish Studies Spring Classes

  • Here is a interesting blogpost on celebrating Passover:

By Rabbi Gordon Fuller
Executive Director, Haberman Institute for Jewish Studies

Hadar Pesach Readers

  • The Stories We Tell – PDF – Pesach Reader 5779
  • The Path of Redemption – PDF – Pesach Reader 5780
  • Feast of Freedom – This is a link to Rabbinical Assembly (Conservative) texts.  At the bottom of their list is the Conservative haggadah, Feast of Freedom, in pdf form.  When you sign in, you’ll see very stringent guidelines on their use.  At most 3 copies may be printed, and it’s ONLY for this very unusual year. The RA also asks that you not distribute your downloads “widely.” If you wish to share a text, you share only the link rather than simply forwarding your pdf.  That way each downloader has to sign in and agree to the distribution policy.

Edlavitch DCJCC

Virtual Second Night Community Seder 2020 Via Zoom

Thursday, April 9, 2020
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

This year, Jewish Life & Learning and GLOE – the Kurlander Program for GLBTQ Outreach and Engagement, have joined forces to bring our community seders to the safety of your homes. Our community seder will be the same open, welcoming, pluralistic celebration of freedom you’ve come to expect from the EDCJCC – but this year it’s virtual!

Throughout the seder, there will be opportunities for sharing in small groups, building community, and reflecting together or individually. When it comes time for the meal, we will take a break in small “tables” of 10 or fewer people to allow for socializing. When you register, you will be able to request to be at an EntryPointDC (20s and 30s young professionals) table table or a GLOE table.

As always, we welcome interfaith, LGBTQ, and other traditionally marginalized voices to our virtual seder table. This year’s seder will be led by Amanda Herring, Manager of Jewish Life and Learning at the EDCJCC; Ari Jacobson, song leader; and members of the GLOE Committee.

Hagaddot from Jewish Freeware

This file provides a PDF of the virtually complete traditional Haggadah text which you encouraged to share with your communities.

This is the shortest, simplest haggadah for those who are essentially novices at leading or following a haggadah.

A Secular Seder: The Haggadah for Cultural Jews, their Families and Friends By Herbert J. Levine

More than the Jewish people have kept Passover, Passover has kept the Jewish people. More than any other Jewish ritual, the Seder continues to be observed. There is something profound about what we do when we participate in a Seder, which both expresses and shapes who we are. This applies both to Jews and to non-Jewish family members and friends who celebrate Passover. Most Jews who say ‘I am Jewish, but not religious’ mean that they identify with the values and customs of Judaism, the culture, but not the theology. If you define yourself in this way, this Haggadah is for you.

Over many years, I’ve collected and received contributions of original Passover songs and song parodies. This is the most current update of that collection.
Customs, Ingredients and Ethnic Traditions of making Haroset / Charoset for the Seder Table listing countries of presumed origin
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