Teal LeavesCelebrate Purim with Fabrangen!

Purim is a holiday characterized by storytelling, costumes, plays, parodies, imbibing in various beverages, and eating hamentaschen (a three-pointed cookie with a variety of fillings). It begins on the evening of the 14th of Adar, which usually falls in February or March. We read a scroll (megillah) that tells the story of Queen Esther, Mordechai, and others.

Photos from the 2014 Fabrangen/TLS celebration by Lloyd Wolf and Allan Tulchin

On the evening of Purim, we engage in much silliness, as well as the traditional customs mentioned above. We have had costume contests, plays and songs, face painting and temporary tattoos, dance parties, games and Megillat Esther videos. When the name “Haman” is called, many people like to shake their groggers, which recently have been boxes of pasta, rice, or cereal…that are later donated to a local soup kitchen.

We exchange Mashloah Manot (traditional goody bags) to spread the holiday cheer. We give tzedakah (charitable contributions) to multiple organizations, including our own Fabrangen Project Hope. Everyone is very welcome to enhance the reading of the story of Esther with silliness and shtick.

Join in the Fun!

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