Simchat Torah

Fbrangen Torah writing.Simchat Torah is the joyous Jewish holiday that marks the completion of the annual reading of the Torah and the commencing of the Torah reading for the next year. At Fabrangen, we have a lively, dance-filled evening to commence the holiday and a service the next morning that includes Yiskor/Memorial Service.

We have a social justice focus of our evening Simhat Torah celebration. By celebrating the work that we have accomplished from the previous year during the seven spirited hakafot (singing and dancing with the Torahs) AND dedicating ourselves to the next year’s work during the group aliyot (calling up to the Torah), everyone gets involved in committing to Tikkun Olam/Repairing the World.

In 2017 our themes for the hakafot and aliyot were

Small Fuschia Leaves LogoHakafot (Dancing with the Torah) celebrating these themes from our last year of Torah study and action:

  • Promoting racial justice and combating bigotry and antisemitism
  • Protecting and welcoming refugees and immigrants
  • Working in solidarity with marginalized communities
  • Empowering people with different abilities
  • Seeking to advance our understanding of the world (seeking Truth)
  • Creating Opportunities Through Learning
  • Preserving or providing healthcare, including reproductive rights 

Small Fuschia Leaves LogoAliyot (Calling up for the Torah reading) committing to these themes for the coming year:

  • Promoting racial & ethnic justice
  • Working towards educational equality
  • Creating & Maintaining the Fine Arts
  •  Maintain/support of public servants
  •  Lifting up voices of those who don’t usually have power to speak