Tu B’Shevat

Every year in February, Fabrangen celebrates the holiday of Tu B’Shevat  (the New Year for Trees) with an authentic, spirited, mystical and educational Kabbalistic Seder. (Kabbalah is the school of Jewish thought that is associated with Jewish mysticism and the concept of experiencing Divine closeness by being a receiver of emanating Divine potencies.)

The Seder consists of three focused, meditative tastings of fruit. Each tasting brings the participants to higher and higher worlds of receiving of Divine potencies that give us ability to co-create.

Four glasses of wine celebrate achieving each world or realm of partnership with God in ongoing creation and receiving. Between each of the tastings, we discuss and learn the symbolic kabbalistic meaning of the fruit and wine rituals, and often sing and dance to live klezmer (East European Jewish) music.

The Fabrangen Tu B’Shevat Seder is geared for all ages and all levels of understanding of Kabbalah and every year provides a fun social event as well as spiritual experience.  We invite you to join us!  Check the website calendar for the date for this year’s Seder!

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