Fabrangen Retreats

Group Photo of Fabrangeners at Pearlstone Retreat

Retreats hold a special place in the life of our community.  An entire weekend to relax, learn and worship together at a retreat center.  What happens?  We grow closer as a community, friendships deepen, and we have fun!  Some special moments: magical Havdalah under the stars, talent shows (remember Molly playing the viola and keeping a hula hoop going at the same time?), and the singing and dancing around the campfire?

Fabrangen has held many retreats over the years. The images on this page are from our most recent retreat, in 2010 at the Pearlstone Conference Center, Over 100 members attended this wonderful learning and community building opportunity.

Fabrangen Retreat 2010 - Dale

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Fabrangen Retreat 2010 - Dale