Giving tzedakah (charitable donations) is a long-standing Jewish custom at the High Holidays.  Every year, Fabrangen selects several charitable organizations that we recommend for your holiday giving.  Combining your tzedakah and your donation to Fabrangen is convenient for you, and bundling the donations increases our impact on the recipient organizations.

 2020/5781 Tzedakah Recipients | Fabrangen Tzedakah Collective

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2020/5781 Tzedakah Recipients

Fabrangen Refugee & Immigrant Committee

Fabrangen is working with the Ethiopian Community Development Council (ECDC) to provide support for refugees families. On behalf of our Fabrangen’s First Friends efforts in assisting a newly arrived Eritrean refugee family of four, we are asking you for financial help.

Prior to coming to the U.S., the family spent seven years in Ethiopian refugee camps. Since April, Fabrangen members have been helping the family learn English, and assisting the three daughters (ages 18, 16, 12) by securing computers and Wifi, helping them to develop technical expertise and getting what they need in order to participate in their online high school and middle school classes. The girls are very interested in pursuing their education: one daughter wants to become a doctor and another is particularly interested in math.

Covid 19 and the need for social distancing have added complexity to the family’s transition to life in the U.S. Fabrangen has been helping the family to adjust to life here and assisting with a variety of needs during this unusually challenging period, so the family will be able to achieve their aspirations of building a good life for themselves in the US. We welcome and need! your support in helping this lovely wonderful family.



Capital Area Food Bank 

“The Capital Area Food Bank is the anchor of the hunger relief infrastructure in our region, providing more than 30 million meals to people in communities across D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. But we don’t stop there, because we know that creating long term solutions to hunger requires more than meals. It requires education, training, and opportunity. In short, it demands ideas that address the big picture. That’s why we’re approaching the problem in multiple ways: providing food for today, and addressing the root causes of hunger by partnering with organizations that provide critical services like job training programs and health care.”


Friends of the Galilee Medical Center 

The Western Galilee Hospital (WGH) is located in Nahariya, six miles from the border with Lebanon.  From its inception, the hospital has provided high-quality medical care to all people in the area, including Jews, Christians, Muslim, and Druze.  The 600-bed hospital comes under frequent rocket fire, and maintains a 450-bed underground facility built to withstand rocket attack and both chemical and biological warfare.  Their emergency room sees a heavy load of about 350 visits a day.  In addition to serving the everyday needs of the local population as well as casualties of the war on its doorstep, the hospital is one of three that also serves the needs of wounded Syrians who are spirited across the border by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) for treatment. The Syrian patients, often children with serious spinal injuries, are treated free, with no questions asked.  The hospital has provided expensive, life-saving treatment to about 300 Syrian patients in the last year and a half, at great cost to the institution.  But as the hospital director, Dr. Massad Barhoum, said in a speech in Washington, DC, “It is Israel’s nature to help whoever can be helped.” Our donations will be to an American non-profit set up to receive tax-deductible donations to the hospital.

ID Ministry at Foundry United Methodist Church  

In today’s world, many important daily activities, such as renting an apartment, being hired for a job, or enrolling children in school, require appropriate identification such as birth certificates, drivers’ licenses, or Social Security numbers. This project helps those such as homeless people, returning prisoners, and people who have been evicted to obtain the documents they need. Money is needed to pay for documentation, copying, and other expenses.

“We believe all persons are created in God’s image, the imago dei, it is part of our common identity. Within our society we have systems that often distort and devalue the identities of our neighbors. One of those systems is the need to carry identification documents in order to receive employment, housing, or services. Foundry’s ID seeks to restore to neighbors in need the documents necessary to obtain jobs, housing, education, or services in the community.”

Fabrangen Tzedakah Collective

In addition, you can also select from a variety of organizations through the Fabrangen Tzedakah Collective.

The Fabrangen Tzedakah Collective was established in 1975 as an independent forum to democratically involve members in the selection and distribution of funds to charitable organizations. The group meets periodically to study and research recipient groups to which members can allocate their own funds as they choose.   Since its inception, the impact of the Fabrangen Tzedakah Collective has been substantial, with over 70 semi-annual allocations, for a total of over $2 million.

Your contributions to the Tzedakah Collective during the High Holidays are an important addition to our giving.  If you have made the decision to donate through the Tzedakah Collective, please indicate your donation preferences on the Allocation Form and send it to us with a check to 

Fabrangen Tzedakah Collective
4530 38th Street NW, Washington, DC 20016

Thank you for your interest in the Fabrangen Tzedakah Collective.

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