• slide6 – View of Community at WES (Purim)
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  • slide19 – Caleb Food Kitchen
  • slide27 – Tenley Town Sukkah Builders, 2015
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  • slide8 – 3 men Purim
  • slide12 – Gilah scroll
  • slide23 – Victoria and Ruth
  • slide5 – Rosa
  • slide18 – Many Hands on Quill
  • slide24 Silver Spring Sukkah, 2015
  • slide22 – Hannah Food Kitchen
  • slide28 – Finished Tenley Town Sukkah, 2015
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  • slide25 – David Smith cap
  • slide1 – Hands on Torah Handle
  • slide20 – David G.
  • slide21 – Tallis Embrace
  • slide9 -Fran T purim
  • slide11 – Jay accordion
  • slide14 – Young Talia and Liana
  • slide15 – Vienna Sukkah 2015
  • slide26 – Building the Tenley Town Sukkah, 2015
  • slide17 – Rhonda Singing
  • slide7 – Max & Esther
  • slide10 – Young Kalia with Sue
  • slide4 – Alys
  • slide16 – Norman Megillah

Mazel Tov, Max!

Congratulations to Fabrangen member, Max Ticktin, who is being recognized by the creation of an endowed professorship in his name at George Washington University.

From the GW Press Release: “A grant from The Morningstar Foundation, the family foundation of Susie and Michael Gelman, will help develop an Israel Studies component of the George Washington University’s Judaic Studies Program.
The grant will be used to establish and endow the Max Ticktin Professorship of Israel Studies in recognition of Rabbi Ticktin’s extraordinary contributions to GW, his scholarship related to Israel and his commitment to teaching.” More  .  .  . 

From Washington Jewish Week, “Max Ticktin’s second act: At 93, the educator and activist is honored with a chair in his name in Israel Studies at George Washington University” More . . .

Max Ticktin Reflects on the Legacy of Abraham Joshua Heschel

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High Holidays Tzedakah 2015/5776

Giving tzedakah (charitable donations) is a long-standing Jewish custom at the High Holidays. Every year, Fabrangen selects several charitable organizations that we recommend for your holiday giving. This year's selections are:

Jewish Social Services Agency Holocaust Survivor Fund

MOAS - The Migrant Offshore Aid Station

Interfaith Action for Human Rights

American Friends of the Washington Galilee Hospital

In addition, you can also select from a variety of organizations through the Fabrangen Tzedakah Collective.

More information about these organizations and on how to donate through Fabrangen . . .

The Fabrangen Sukkah

Tenley Town Sukkah, 2015