• slide24 Silver Spring Sukkah, 2015
  • slide17 – Rhonda Singing
  • slide9 -Fran T purim
  • slide21 – Tallis Embrace
  • slide22 – Hannah Food Kitchen
  • slide25 – David Smith cap
  • slide23 – Victoria and Ruth
  • slide19 – Caleb Food Kitchen
  • slide28 – Finished Tenley Town Sukkah, 2015
  • slide16 – Norman Megillah
  • slide3 – Josh bar mitzvah
  • slide7 – Max & Esther
  • slide18 – Many Hands on Quill
  • slide20 – David G.
  • slide15 – Vienna Sukkah 2015
  • slide10 – Young Kalia with Sue
  • slide5 – Rosa
  • slide14 – Young Talia and Liana
  • slide12 – Gilah scroll
  • slide27 – Tenley Town Sukkah Builders, 2015
  • slide6 – View of Community at WES (Purim)
  • slide4 – Alys
  • slide1 – Hands on Torah Handle
  • slide11 – Jay accordion
  • slide2 – Judybeth painting
  • slide26 – Building the Tenley Town Sukkah, 2015
  • slide13 – Hand, Quill, Torah
  • slide8 – 3 men Purim


• SEDER MATCH-UPS: If you are looking for a Seder to attend or if you have extra places at your table, please contact Laurie Krieger at passovermatches@fabrangen.org.

• SHIR HASHIRIM (SONG OF SONGS): This beautiful text is associated with Passover. A group of Fabrangen members led by Rachel Braun will sing excerpts as part of Shabbat services on Saturday, April 30.

• BUYING CHAMETZ: If you want to sell your non-Passover food (including your pets!), see the form on our Passover page, under Holidays.

• NO WEEKDAY PASSOVER SERVICES THIS YEAR: Since the first and last days are on Shabbat this year, we will not have separate holiday services during the week, and there will be two Shabbatot during Pesach.

o When: Saturday, April 23, 2016, 6:30 pm
o What: A Musical, mystical, contemplative, celebratory, educational and fun Seder
o Place: The Bannockburn Community Clubhouse at the intersection of Bannockburn Drive and Laverock Lane; the driveway is from Laverock Lane. Official address: 6314 Bannockburn Drive
o For more information, please contact Barbara Hess or Jay McCrensky at 301-404-6273 or email Bmhess@aol.com.

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Save the Dates

KOLOT HALEV ANNUAL CONCERT: Cantata Ebraica: music of the Italian Jews Honoring the 500th Anniversary of the Venetian Ghetto
Sun, April 3, 2016, 4 pm, Ohr Kodesh, 8300 Meadowbrook Lane, Chevy Chase

Adults: $20 ($25 at the door); Children and Students: $10

FABRANGEN AND SEGULAH: Joint potluck and afternoon of singing
Sat April 16, 2016 1-3 pm, Washington Ethical Society, 7750 16th St. NW

Please join us as neighboring minyanim Fabrangen and Segulah get together for an afternoon of food and singing. For more information or to volunteer to help organize, contact Melissa Kahn, melissakahn@verizon.net.

The Fabrangen Sukkah

Tenley Town Sukkah, 2015