Children’s Educational Scholarship Fund

Children’s Educational Scholarship Fund

Jewish education for children who are Fabrangen members is supported in multiple ways. One benefit that is provided is access to the Children’s Education Scholarship Fund, which is used to assist families to provide appropriate Jewish educational experiences. For example, the Children’s Education Scholarship Fund has been used for children and teens to attend Jewish summer camp (either residential or day camp), participate in the Havurah Institute or the Aleph Kallah, and for teen group trips to Israel.

The Fabrangen Children’s Scholarship Fund  has made 24 allocations since it was founded in 1993.  These funds have assisted families in providing their children with experiences such as summer camps, retreats and institutes, and teen Israel trips.  The scholarship is not means-tested and is not competitive.

We still have substantial funds available to assist Fabrangen families in providing meaningful Jewish residential experiences for their children.    We are delighted to be able to offer these new scholarship opportunities.

1.  The Fund previously provided a single allocation. Now, a second allocation, currently valued at $500, is available.

2.  Fabrangen progeny may apply through age 29.

3.  New members who join once their kids are college-age will also enjoy this benefit of membership; their children (through age 29) are eligible to apply for the scholarship once.

Children’s Scholarship Fund Application

Let the applications roll!  We are fortunate that the community can continue to steer our kids toward good Jewish experiences into their young adulthoods.  We encourage them to research and compile lists/reviews of potential programs, and share them with their Fabrangen peers.

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