Blessed are You Who Creates by Zahara Heckscher

Blessed are You Who Creates/ Blessed are You Who Creates things/ Stars made of helium on fire/ Planets made of dust from stars/ Earth made of burning dust/ Stones made […]

High Holiday Quote 2015

“Every year, I am so deeply moved by the sincerity, scholarship and deep spirit of the service leaders.  They sing right from the heart, and it is like their voices […]

How My Father Saved our Family by Esther Ticktin

Esther Ticktin shared the  following story with Fabrangen on January 25, 2014 at a special service celebrating her 89th birthday. My Refugee Story: How My Father Saved our Family By […]

Norman Shore’s 50th Bar Mitzvah Anniversary

Jan. 19, 2013 – Fabrangen Celebrated Norman Shore’s 50th Bar Mitzvah Anniversary   In a passage in his biography by Aaron Rakefet Rothkoff, Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik reflected on his love […]

Visiting Fabrangen

Thank you Fabrangen for one of the highlights of my year.  I was in DC for an inter-faith conference and wanted to find a Jewish Renewal Shabbat experience.  It was […]

Hurricane Sandy – Traveler’s Prayer

May it be Your will, our God and God of our ancestors, that You guide us in peace and sustain us in peace through this storm, that we may dwell […]

Scholar-in-Residence Shabbaton

Fabrangen welcomes guest Rabbi Minna Bromberg for a music-filled Shabbat celebration on Dec 1, 2012 Please RSVP to attend and/or bring food for the kiddush lunch or light supper. Shabbat […]

Ulysses S. Grant and the Art of Teshuvah

This summer I read Jonathan Sarna’s short new history, When General Grant Expelled the Jews.  I think most Jews in America have grown up with the common wisdom that sees […]

Soften the Harshness of the Decree: Meditation before Unetaneh Tokef

Adonai, we pray, soften the harshness of the decree. If it be Your will, give us more time. One more birth to celebrate, one more bar mitzvah to dance, one […]

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