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Fabrangen holds weekly Shabbat services every Saturday in DC beginning at 9:30 am at 7750 16th Street NW, Washington, DC 20012 (at the corner of 16th and Kalmia Road NW) in the Washington Ethical Society building.  Our services are egalitarian, led by members, with full participation of men and women.  Services generally end about 12:15 pm.  We have kiddush and a light snack after Shabbat services.  Learn more about our Saturday morning DC services . . .

Teal LeavesServices in VA

In addition, Fabrangen West meets at 10 am on the second Saturday of the month in a Fabrangen member’s  home in Northern Virginia.  Services and Torah reading and discussion are followed by a potluck lunch. Learn more about our Saturday morning  VA services . . .

“I liked that people at Fabrangen often shared life events because it helped me get to know people quickly.  For example, someone coming up to say a blessing at the Torah might share that they did so because they’d reached a milestone birthday or got a new job.  Every so often, during the time for announcements at the end of services, an adult might announce that they’d just published a book, a child share that they’d been cast in the school play, or someone who’d been laid off say they were looking for work. What really impressed me was the community’s attentive reaction to all of them — everyone embraced the children’s minor news with as much enthusiasm as the adults’ major accomplishments, and offered encouragement and support for those with challenges.

One of the first things I noticed was the interaction between the youngsters and the adults.  Every week, a community elder was sure to have some candy in the bag that held his prayer shawl.  Children who needed a break from the service knew that they could always approach and get something sweet.

At the end of services, members introduce their guests, visitors introduce themselves, and all are warmly welcomed.  My favorite guest was “Casey,” a puppy that a Fabrangen family was helping to raise as an assistance dog.  As a service-dog-in-training, Casey attended Fabrangen services for about a year until getting a full time assignment.  I do think that the dog acquired an appreciation for lively song and a taste for bagel crumbs.” – Irene

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